Aeon Loyalist


During humanity’s second great expansion into galactic space, Commander Trent Smith of the Earth Empire led a group of scientists and colonists to Seraphim II, a planet approximately five times the size of earth. Here, for the first time, humanity encountered intelligent alien life. Commander Smith, following previously untested protocol for dealing with intelligent alien species, quarantined the planet and refused to establish communications so as not to reveal Earth’s position.

As recorded in CDR Smith’s log entries, he ordered the human colonists that were under his command to meet the aliens--who were dubbed Seraphim, as their actual name was unpronounceable by humans--with violence. The exact reasoning for his extreme reaction is unknown, but later examination of his psychological records show a marked tendency to react violently when dealing with unknown factors.

Smith’s violent reaction prevented any real discourse between the two species. The Seraphim simply avoided the humans whenever possible. However, the human colony’s biologist, Dr. Jane Burke, sought out and secretly befriended the Seraphim. Others joined her and soon a small group of humans were regularly visiting and learning from the Seraphim.

The Seraphim taught the humans advancements in quantum and temporal mechanics. More importantly, they introduced a philosophical viewpoint considered unimaginable by human minds, a way of peace and love so advanced that it completely shifted their perception of the universe.

After learning of Burke’s involvement with the aliens, Smith became convinced that Burke was brainwashed. He led the remaining Imperial colonists into a massive and suicidal campaign to destroy the aliens and Seraphim II. Just before Smith’s forces fell to the superior might and numbers of the Seraphim, Smith’s scientists succeeded in engineering a strain of virus unlike anything encountered on Seraphim II. The Seraphim were caught off guard and, despite Dr. Burke’s best efforts, were only able to slow the deadly effects. With the entire atmosphere saturated, not one Seraphim went unexposed.

During the last days between man and alien, the Seraphim decided to teach Burke as much as possible about their ‘Way.’ In the middle of one lesson, Burke experienced a vision of a galaxy torn apart; entire stars stripped of their resources and left to die, planets destroyed, and more life needlessly lost than could be imagined. At that moment Burke was convinced that the Seraphim’s “Way” was the only means to prevent the Empire from destroying everything.

After 3 years and many lost Empire probes and expeditions to Seraphim space, a message made its way to Earth. The message was simple: The remaining Seraphim II colonists, now calling themselves the Aeon Illuminate, invited the Empire to embrace the teachings of the wise alien culture and to share in “something beautiful”.

As the Aeon’s visions predicted, the Empire immediately cut communications and sent military forces to quarantine Seraphim II. In the eyes of the Aeon, the Empire’s destiny as defilers and destroyers of worlds was sealed.

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