V 1.5.3598

Fixed issue where Seraphim sACU could use overcharge before upgrading. (done by selecting both unupgraded sACU and an ACU and giving overcharge command)
Fixed issue where FA only player could innapropriately be another faction during online play.
Seraphim T3 Sub Hunter - Reducing MaxRadius on torpedo to 70.
Riptide, UEF T2 Amphibious Tank - Increasing Cost 20%.
Seraphim T1 floating atillery - Increasing cost 50%. Mass cost is now 54.
Nukes now do damage instantly instead of radiating slowly outward.
HARMS, Cybran T3 Torpedo Ambushing System - Increasing MinWaterDepth
Seraphim T2 Tactical Missle Defense - Increasing ProjectileLifetime.
Novax, UEF Experimental Satellite - Reducing crash damage to 3000.
Skyslammer, Cybran T1 mobile anti air - Decreasing Ground Gun damage by 50%. DPS is now 20.